South Africa is an incredibly diverse country and often we fail to appreciate the beauty of the full rainbow when we are bogged down trying to look at the individual drops rather than the refracted light that they create and which shows us our diversity as a thing of beauty rather than a cause for division.

The SA History Website ( gives the following explanation of Heritage (all paragraphs in italics are from this website) :

A person's heritage is made up of the practices and traditions that are passed on from parents to children. Heritage is also about what has been passed on from the family, community and place where people have been raised. For example a person may have grown up in a family of medical professionals or in a proudly Zulu family where the old customs are still followed. This is part of their heritage. People also have a national heritage. A person who was born in South Africa has a South African heritage. This also means they have an African heritage because they were born on this continent.

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Summary of the Employment Equity Act

This is information gathered regarding the Employment Equity Act and as such is to be used only as a guide as it may be subject to some errors. This is subject to change. Please consult your Labour Consultant or the Department of Labour should you have any questions.

 1. Chapter 1 – Definitions, purpose, interpretation and application

 Purpose of the Act: Section 2

The purpose of the Act is to achieve equity in the workplace, by

  1. promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment through the elimination of unfair discrimination; and
  2. implementing affirmative action measures to redress the disadvantages in employment experienced by designated groups, to ensure their equitable representation in all occupational categories and levels in the workforce.
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The Kokstad Town Hall received a much needed refurbishment to the building and there has been a significant change to the original Hall behind the front steps of the building.  This is now the very smart new Council Chamber which required excavation of the floor of the building

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Globally, water & the lack thereof, are increasingly the focus of Governments, Businesses, the media and the general public. The USA and California specifically has been suffering the worst drought in decades for the last four years and due to this drought and the impact on the water table in and around the area Dennis Dimick wrote an article for National Geographic on the pumping of too much water from our underground aquifers.  The article which can be read here

“We're pumping irreplaceable groundwater to counter the drought. When it's gone, the real crisis begins.” says Dennis Dimick in NationalGeographic

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Generally, most of us tend to start each New Year with a sense of hope for growth and a prosperous business environment but I believe that 2016 is shaping up to be an altogether different year. The year ahead is going to require that we all find a way to create a unique niche for

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